Black and White Striped Dress with Jewelry from Rocksbox

summer look, black and white, dress, stripes


photo 9


This look is very simple, yet chic and comfortable. This H&M black and white striped dress is one of those dresses that might not look appealing on the rack but looks good on a person. It has a nice silhouette and the colors are classics.


summer look, black and white, dress, stripes


silver bracelets


The bracelets paired with this dress are mostly silver with a touch of gold. You could really go both ways here. You could put on only silver accessories so they all go with the cool dress’s tones or you could warm the look up a little bit by accessorizing with gold jewelry. I decided to mix it up so I had the two tone bracelets and a gold ring. (pictured below)

photo 7


This ring  is Sophie Harper and I received it with my subscription to Rocksbox. I love it so much that I decided to keep it. By the way, you can also get designer jewelry sent to you every month. Just try a month free with this special code: KAMILABFF7. You will love this idea so much, you will be hooked.


gold and silver bracelets and ring


summer look, black and white, dress, stripes, silver bracelets

Perry Street necklace

My necklace is Perry Street and it also came with the subscription to Rocksbox. I love how versatile it is as it really doesn’t have any color. I’ve already paired it with so many outfits. It really goes with anything. By the way, you might notice I don’t wear it on every picture. That’s because I wanted to show two faces of the dress – the more casual look without the necklace and the more fancy one with the necklace.


summer look, black and white, dress, stripes

My shoes are of course my favorite white sandals that I’ve lived in pretty much the whole summer. The main reason why, obviously, because they go with any outfit.

Dress – H&M

Sandals – Calvin Klein

Bracelets – Monet (Macy’s)

Ring – Sophie Harper (Rocksbox)

Necklace – Perry Street (Rocksbox)

Bag – Coach

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