Blue Prints and Flower Necklace

Blue prints and flower necklace

This outfit was put together on a whim for a casual outing in town. I’m not the type of person to mix prints, but in this case the colors went together well. Since the top’s print wasn’t too loud, I thought the stripes were definitely the focal point.




And how about this Perry Street
Jolie Necklace? I’m absolutely in love with it as it incorporates one of my favorite color palettes: pastel pink, pastel blue and white. The necklace would stand out a little more with a different top that I have that’s pink in color. But since I put this outfit on first, I decided to go with the necklace as well. Oh, and it would also go perfectly with one of the bracelets I wore in this post. Yep, match made in heaven!


Top – Old Navy 

Shorts – Gap

Sandals – Calvin Klein (Macy’s)

Necklace – Rocksbox

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