Fall Scarfs Board

fall scarfs, fall colors, orange, brown, yellow scarfs


You can’t go outside in the fall without a pretty scarf. Orange, yellow, brown, green, are the colors that best symbolize fall. Here are some that I absolutely love, and are also very affordable!

Fringe Trim Plaid Oblong Scarf

Prana Ombre Scarf 

Michael Kors Double Printed Raschel Reversible Large Infinity Scarf

Steve Madden Exotic Graphic Infinity Scarf

Pistil Pava Scarf

Striped Scarf

San Diego Hot Company Heart Print Fabric Scarf

Pendleton Knit Muffler

Vince Camuto Forest Spirit

Moore Plaid Scarf

Jacquard Stripe Scarf

Pretty Plaid Oblong Scarf

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