Gigi Hadid Wearing $30 Pants You Need For Fall

Gigi Hadid wearing $30 Stovepipe Pants

Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing…

Stovepipe Pants

Stovepipe Pants


Wow! These pants Gigi was spotted wearing are so affordable and such a classic piece that you definitely should consider adding them to your wardrobe this Fall. These pants are one of those pieces that might look boring and unflattering at first but, in fact, they are very versatile, and any girl, no matter what style you have, can find a great outfit to wear them with. Yes, they are classy, polished and elegant, but you can easily transform them and make them look edgy, chic and casual. Just take some pointers from Gigi – simply wear them with a hoodie and a pair of loafers. I also like the look and color palette that the model is sporting above. How about wearing the pants with heels and a nice blouse for work or a party? Possibilities are endless!

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