My Favorite Beauty Products Giveaway

My Favorite Beauty Products Giveaway


As promised, I’m having a new giveaway this week and this time I’m giving away some of my favorite beauty products that I use all the time. The Origins Mask Set includes three samples of my favorite masks out there – Original SkinClear Improvement and the Drink Up-Intensive. I’m also adding some sample size make up products, such as Benefit Watt’s Up highlighter, which is, by the way, my absolute favorite highlighter that I’ve ever tried. Another thing is the Too faced Lip Injection Gloss in Milkshake shade. It’s nude so everyone can use it. I’m also giving away another highlighter, this one is called Trestique Highlight Stick and it’s really awesome too. Last, but not least, something for your hair – OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil, it’s really good so maybe you will be able to try it, if you haven’t yet. Hope you like the prizes this time.  Here is how to win them all.

If you want to win this kit, you will either have to SHARE this giveaway post on Facebook, or re-tweet this giveaway message on Twitter tagging 3 friends, or do both. If you’re not following me on neither Facebook nor Twitter yet, please do as well. And lastly, you can enter through Instagram! Details on the page! Also, all participants MUST leave a comment under this giveaway and tell me what product you’re most excited to win! And please remember that leaving a comment is a very important entry rule and you won’t be able to enter this giveaway without it. This giveaway ends Thursday, August 31st! Good luck!


Congratulations Suzy!
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  1. Suzanne G says:

    I am most excited to win the Origins Masks.
    Followed & Shared on FB Suzanne Giroux
    Followed on Twitter @pinksuzanne
    Followed and commented on Instagram @suzannegiroux

  2. Mel G says:

    I followed and tagged 3 friends on Insta @minderblender

    I would be stoked to win the Origins Mask Set. Moar masks! <—– that's my motto. 😛

  3. Nalda Flores says:

    I’m dying to try the OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil! My favorite and the only scent I use is rose. So I’m curious to smell this scent which I read was more complex. I’ve tagged my daughters and best friends and we are very excited to see if I win!!

  4. Sarahjferg says:

    I’m most excited the Watts up Highlighter. I’ve been wanting one for a while now. I shared on facebook and tagged 3 on instagram @sarahjferg

  5. Cheryl Z says:

    I would most like to win the lip injection.Im dying to try it! I was just looking at Sephora reviews on plumping lip products the other day!!

  6. sonya says:

    WOW!!! AWESOME!!

    Followed & Shared on FB Sonja Jan
    Followed on Twitter @devinlux
    Followed and commented on Instagram @sonya306

  7. BobbiJo Pentney says:

    I am most excited about the highlighter. I shared on facebook, RT on twitter and tagged three friends as well as entered on Instagram.

  8. Leslie Crosbie says:

    Thank you for this awesome giveaway…I want everything but if I gotta pick just one, OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil!

    All steps completed FB- Leslie Crosbie
    TW- @lncLESLIE IG- @lncleslie

  9. Chriistine Broughton says:

    All these beauty products look so beautiful. But I was most interested in Lip Injection Gloss. Beautiful Giveaway Thank You for the Chance. Can you tell me if this giveaway is for Canada too? Thank You Have a Wonderful Week.

  10. Marianne Malizia says:

    Amazing giveaway! Thank you for having it! Everything is awesome! But if I have to pick one, and gun to my head, lol, I would choose the face masks. ♥️

  11. O. Sunrise says:

    I would enjoy trying the Origins Mask Set and the OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil. What a sweet giveaway! I’ve also entered on IG and Twitter. Good luck beauties!

  12. Rhonda Lushington says:

    I am most interested in trying the OUAI Rose Hair and Body Oul. Liked and shared following on Twitter Instragram and Facebook😀

  13. Erin F says:

    The Origins Mask Set looks especially nice. I’ve been thinking I’d like to add a good mask to my routine.
    I followed on Instagram and followed the rules on the photo.

  14. Leslie Richman says:

    I shared the original post and reminder tweets on Twitter 🙂 (threefeathers78). I am most excited to try the Origin kit. Thanks!

  15. Ashley Packard says:

    I want to try the Too Faced lip injection gloss. I have thin lips and would love to see if this can plump them a bit

  16. Lana says:

    This is a gorgeous giveaway! I’m most excited about these origins masks 🎭 but also all the rest of the stuff, I haven’t tried any of them before and that’s something I love doing,trying new things.

  17. Ashley Perez says:

    I would love this!!! I have entered. Thank you so much for the opportunity! My FB is Ashley Bree, Instagram @breelovesfashion8, and Twitter is @ashleybreepere3

    I am most excited about the origins mask. 🙂

  18. Marie Byrne says:

    I am most excited about the origins charcoal mask as my pores are currently quite blocked and any help would be greatly appreciated

    Twitter handle – @marianaranga

  19. khadija elmasnaoui says:

    Followed & Shared on FB Khadija ELmasnaoui
    Followed & Shared on Twitter @elmasnaoui_k
    Followed and commented & Shared on Instagram @khadijaelmasnaoui

  20. joy says:

    I am excited for the Origins mask set!! I retweeted (@jemrah1), shared (Joy Kelly Mills) and entered on Instagram (@joykellymills) thank you!!

  21. Miss Rashmi Lulla says:

    I am most excited about The Origins Mask Set. If that works for my skin I could use it regularly. I have entered through Twitter, Instagram & Facebook.

  22. Bhawana Singh says:

    I would like to try Origins – drink up intensive. I feel these products would keep my skin hydrated and glowing

  23. Jessica Winkler says:

    I love everything about this giveaway but the one item that I’m the most excited about is the Too faced Lip Injection Gloss! It’s such a pretty shade! Thank you so much for the opportunity to win!

    Entered on fb (Jessica Winkler) and on IG (@jessica_dale_)

  24. Nicole Powell says:

    Oh MY! All the products look fab but I think I’m most excited about the Too Faced Gloss and the Benefit Watt’s Up Highlighter.


  25. Chris Nelms Caldwell says:

    The Too Faced Lip Injection and well…everything! I love makeup and skincare. I follow and Shared/tagged on Facebook (Chris Nelms Caldwell)
    Follow on twitter and Shared/Tagged @bentdone
    Following on Instagram @bent.done

  26. Laura Marija Jaunzema says:

    Hi! I was most delighted with the chance to win OUAI Rose Hair & Body Oil, because if I won, I would give it all to my beloved mom. And thank you for everything she has done for me. 🙂
    P.s. – I share and retweet and folow in Instagram.
    Kisses from Latvia. :*

  27. Lissa Crane says:

    I’m most excited to win the e Too faced Lip Injection Gloss! I have always wanted to try a Too Faced lip product and this is the perfect color for me!

  28. kelly woods says:

    shared on twitter Luvbeingamomof3 and tagged three friends, I reentered because someones name and email showed up in my name and email spot. Thank you

  29. Amy Bealer says:

    I’m most excited to win the Too Faced Lip Balm!! I’ve heard rave reviews and saw it on one of the morning shows used in a makeover.

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