My Favorite Beauty Products

What is my favorite foundation?



I absolutely love the Even Better Glow Light Reflecting Makeup Broad Spectrum SPF 15 by Clinique. It’s a liquid foundation that is so easy to apply and it gives you subtle coverage in that it doesn’t even show that you have something on, while at the same time, still covering all the imperfections. Yes, this foundation is magic to me and I also like that it also provides sun protection so it’s like a two in one product. I also have the brand’s Chubby in the Nude Foundation Stick, which I use if I don’t want to spend too much time applying makeup as it’s even quicker to use and it also works great. It leaves a more matte look though in comparison to the liquid foundation.


What is my favorite eye primer?



My one and only the URBAN DECAY Eyeshadow Primer Potion – Original. I never cared about any other eye primer than this one. It’s perfect in every way! You can wear your make up 24 hours and it will still look good. Besides that, you won’t get any creases and it glides on smoothly. I can’t say enough good things about this product.


What is my favorite highlighter?



I tried many highlighters, but the one I always go back to is the Benefit Watt’s Up! Cream-to-Powder Highlighter. It really gives you that nice glow and shimmer that I did not get from any other highlighters. It’s definitely one of those products that if you ever get it in a sample size, you’re going to run to get the full size product.


What is my favorite perfume?


There is no way I can choose between the three I always have in the house: Stella McCartney – Stella, Tocca- Isabel, Lacoste. Lacoste has been with me since high school. I’m on the second bottle of Stella and Isabel is pretty new to me, but definitely one of my favorite Tocca fragrances.


What is my favorite hair product? 



I wish I had discovered the Moroccanoil Treatment earlier, but better later than never. This product does everything for your hair. After applying it the first time, I immediately felt a difference in how easy it was to comb my hair, how soft it felt and how shiny it looked. I tried so many hair products, but this one really stands out. To me, it’s worth its cost and much, much more!

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