My Favorite Hair Products

Victoria's Secret Hair Products

Victoria's Secret Hair Products

When it comes to my hair routine, I keep it pretty simple. I usually pair up a shampoo with a conditioner and apply some styling product after washing my hair. Once a week I apply a hair mask instead of a conditioner. I have some favorite products I always go back to though. Actually there are several of them and I usually switch off between them. Recently, I’ve purchased the Victoria’s Secret Hair Total Volume Conditioner as well as the Victoria’s Secret Mini Leave-in Conditioner. I received samples of the Victoria’s Secret shampoo and conditioner many years ago and since that time I have always purchased them. My favorite thing about the whole Victoria’s Secret hair line is the scent. It smells divine and sexy. After all, that’s what the Victoria’s Secret is all about, right?

Victoria's Secret Hair Total Volume Conditioner

The Victoria’s Secret Hair Total Volume Conditioner does its job very well. It’s not too heavy on the hair so your hair won’t feel overwhelmed by this product at all. After a while your hair will feel soft and have that beautiful shiny look.

Victoria's Secret Mini Leave-in Conditioner

My all favorite hair product from Victoria’s Secret is the Victoria’s Secret Mini Leave-in Conditioner. You just spray it all over your hair and let the magic happen. It detangles your hair easily and is’s perfect for styling too. I usually use it when I know I’m going to use a flat iron as it also protects your hair from heat. It’s a great all-in-one product indeed.

Argan Oil of Morocco

My favorite hair mask is Argan Oil of Morocco. I always buy it at Ulta. I tried other hair masks too but I prefer this one. It goes perfect with the Victoria’s Secret hair line I’ve been using because it also promotes softness and shine. It’s exactly what my hair needs.


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