My Favorite Perfumed Body Lotions

In this post I want to share with you my favorite perfumed lotions. I don’t use them on a daily basis because they are too strong for my liking, but they smell fantastic and are a perfect alternative to a perfume. Also, they are not the cheapest lotions, but you can easily get them in a set along with a perfume bottle which will save you some money. Here they are:

My favorite perfumed body lotions

 Stella Body Lotion

My favorite perfumes ever are from Stella McCartney so obviously I’m going to love the Stella Body Lotion as well. It smells exactly like the perfume (roses, peony, some mandarin and amber). It’s very sensual and feminine and is perfect for those that love floral scents. 


Hermes Caleche body lotion

Another great lotion is Hermes Caleche. I love Hermes’ lotions because they spread so easily. You don’t need to use half of the tube to cover your entire body. Just a little bit goes a long way as its consistency is more watery. This particular lotion has a floral and woody scent. It is a very strong scent and can be either a turn-on, or a turn-off for people (depending on if they like strong scents or not).


 24 Faubourg Perfumed Body Lotion

 The other Hermes scent I love is 24 Faubourg Perfumed Body Lotion. Very similar to the Hermes Caleche, except you can find touches of amber in the scent too. It’s a very romantic and sensual scent that I absolutely love As I can attest, you will get lots and lots of compliments from others when they smell it!

My favorite perfumed body lotions


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