My Latest Grabs – Crossbody Bags

Crossbody bags from Francesca's


Recently I’ve been on the lookout for a cross body bag to help ease the weight my arm always carries when I use my heavy purse. For this purpose, I went shopping this weekend and got these beauties. Yeah, I know, I went to buy one bag and came back with two, but the 2 for $50 deal was no brainer for me. Plus, there were so many nice bags, there was no problem at all to choose two.

August Laser Cut Cross Body


This August Laser Cut Cross Body in white was my first choice, as I needed a white bag. I love how unique it is in that it has an unusual closure part where you just slip it under the perforated design. For additional safety, there is also a zipper inside. I love this little flap pattern as well, as it makes this seemingly plain bag that much more interesting. And the gold chain is great for matching with the gold jewelry that I wear a lot.


Kayla Striped Crossbody


Another choice was Kayla Striped Crossbody, envelope style, with this very chic “sailor-like” white and navy blue denim striped fabric. It’s a little bit smaller than the white bag, but perfect for little errands around the town. I also love that it has brown detailing on the pockets and the strap which will go perfectly with any brown sandals.

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