My Latest Grabs – Shoes

Spring is here, summer is around the corner, and there are never enough shoes a girl can have for these seasons. My latest grabs are the Tommy Hilfiger Mili2 Wedge Sandals and Peep Toe Flats (Raffia).

Tommy Hilfiger Mili2 Wedge Sandals and Peep Toe Flats (Raffia).

Tommy Hilfiger Mili2 Wedge Sandals
The wedges are always good for maxi dresses and that’s exactly why I needed to buy wedges. I chose the Tommy Hilfiger Mili2 Wedge Sandals in brown because I wear a lot of things that go with brown, such as tan, beige, white. I have to tell you, the heel is pretty tall and I was wondering how I would be able to walk in them (I usually wear flats), but those wedges are so comfortable and light which really makes it easy to wear them. You can get them in brown, black or white.

Peep Toe Flats


And then I needed a pair of black sandals, any kind actually, because I only have white and brown sandals at home. I came across these Peep Toe Flats and they were perfect. I even opted for the one with the nice print in front since I thought this type would be more interesting than the plain black one. The only bad thing about these flats is the sizing. I usually wear 7 ½, but unfortunately this shoe only comes in whole sizes. I got mine in 8 instead. The good thing is that they come in the color above, black and blush.


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