Pale Pink Top and Baby Blue Denim – Loft Look


Loft look, Loft outfit, pale pink, baby blue, denim

I really love this outfit I wore on Sunday. It was supposed to be cooler outside (low 70s), so I decided to plan an outfit that would involve pants. This pale denim pair of pants I recently got from Loft was the choice of the day and it had to be paired with something light in color, so this pale pink top was the perfect option.


photo 4


I had some perfect choices, when it comes to accessories, to match this entire outfit. The pink rectangular necklace is a tone darker than the top and I love how it added that perfect little touch to this simple and clean outfit. You could really go both ways with the choice of the necklace here. You could put on a big, statement necklace, or opt for something not too showy to keep it clean and modest. In my case, I had to go with something small and simple because my statement piece in this outfit was my bracelet.


pale pink, pastels, baby blue, Loft look, denim, bracelet

photo 5

Speaking of the bracelet, there it is! There is nothing modest about it. Big, showy, fancy and sparkly. It complemented my look in a perfect way as it contained the exact colors I wore – pale pink and baby blue. Unfortunately, it’s sold out.


photo 3


And I can’t stop wearing this Doutzen Nude nail polish from L’oreal. It’s nude with a light shade of lavender and if you apply just one layer, you can really wear it with any outfit. I have double layers here in this photo.

Top – Loft

Jeans – Loft

Sandals – Victoria’s Secret

Purse – Henri Bendel

Bracelet – Loft

Earrings – Loft

Necklace – Old from J.C.Penny

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