White Turtleneck Sweater Dress And Purple Accessories

Lorde – Perfect Places


I always wanted, and needed, a white turtleneck sweater dress and I finally got one that is perfect in every way. It’s very warm, but not overwhelmingly heavy, it has two adorable pockets on both sides and is just the right length. It has a different pattern at the back than in front, which makes it even more interesting. I’m planning to wear it with leggings, and because it’s white, you can wear it with any color you like. In this outfit, I opted for a purple pair of leggings, and to complement the entire look, I’m also wearing a purple double pom pom hat and a pair of purple gloves.

My black winter jacket was also purchased this year and it’s still available in all sizes. I love that it has a belt because it adds a nice shape. Also, because it’s black, you can wear it with any outfit. It also comes in navy blue.

Hope you enjoy this look.





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