Leaf Print Jersey Dress and Pastel Pink Crossbody Bag

Alma – Chasing Heights


Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress

Leaf Print Jersey Dress


This dress might look seemingly simple and casual at first glance, but in fact, it has a lot of going on. Between the beautiful silhouette with the flare accent and the oh so trendy palm leaf print, it’s actually an amazing dress that can easily be dressed down or up depending on an occasion and type of day. I opted to wear it casually with a pair of white sandals and a pastel pink bag (matching the leaves patterns on the dress), but I can easily envision it with a pair of high heeled brown sandals for a date night as well. Also, I really love the color palette on this dress: brown, white, pastel pink and mint altogether look so pretty, and you can match your shoes and accessories with any of those colors. I really like pastel pink accessories this summer and because of that I’m so glad I got this amazing cross body bag because I’m really getting a lot out of it. I’m wearing it almost every day! Good news – all my outfit pieces: sandals, dress as well as the bag are now under $10 each. Don’t miss out on the fabulous sales on these items. Details below:








Linen Dress Perfect for Summer

Striped Dress - Summer Outfit Idea

It’s rare that I wear something the day after I originally buy it, but today the temperatures skyrocketed to the low 80s. It was just a perfect day to wear this dress. It’s a linen dress, so in the heat it is a little easy to get wrinkled (as you can see from the pictures). But it’s such a comfortable dress, perfect length, open shoulders that, besides the wrinkling part, I can’t complain much. Plus, it was a deal for $10 from the original price of $34! What an occasion!


Striped Dress - Summer Outfit Idea






The sandals are from last year. If you go back to my last summer posts, I wore them pretty much all the time. That’s why I like buying tan/beige shoes because they go with any outfit. Plus, these are slip ons, so comfortable!


Mint Bracelet and striped dress

J.Crew Mint Bracelet and Sophie Harper Pavé Spiral Ring in gold


For my accessories, I chose a mint color bracelet that I thought was a nice contrast to the yellow stripes. My ring and earrings are from Rocksbox. I’m obviously putting the subscription to good use! Just a reminder, if you want to try your first month free, use this code: glamorglossxoxo.


Dress – Old Navy

Sandals – Calvin Klein

Bracelet – J.Crew

Ring – Rocksbox

Earrings – Rocksbox

Zig Zag Print and Lots of Color – Summer Look

Pink, red and black striped summer dress


Hi guys! Today’s look I’m featuring is one of my favorite summer dresses. It’s a colorful and crazy print like nothing you have probably seen before. The vibrant pink, red and orange hues make you look like a firecracker. And wait until you see the back of this dress!


Pink, red and black striped summer dress

This print might be a little bit heavy on the eyes with all those little lines and zig zags covering the entire dress, but to me it creates this beautiful and unique ethnic print.


Pink, red and black striped summer dress

Pink, red and black striped summer dress

Pink, red and black striped summer dress

And here is the back! I told you it’s worth waiting for!


Coach shoulder bag

The bag of the day is my new Coach Swingpack with Pop-Up Pouch. It looks small, but it has many pockets and compartments, one of which is also removable.  It’s perfect!


Pink, red and black striped summer dress

The accessories I chose match not only some of the colors on the dress, but also my black Coach shoulder bag.


Pink, red and black striped summer dress

And how about this amazing nail polish color! And, of course, it matches the dress perfectly! It’s Doutzen Nude from L’oreal.


Pink, red and black striped summer dress

My oldies but goodies -the sandals I absolutely love. They are skin color so they pretty much go with any outfit. And again, what a marvelous print!

Dress – Old from J.C.Penny

Sandals – Victoria’s Secret

Shoulder bag – Coach

Bracelets – Charming Charlie

Nail Polish – L’oreal (Target)

You probably won’t find this particular dress anywhere anymore but if you love the zig zag print, here is one zig zag dress with similar ethnic feel!


Parker Beaded Dress in Red Zig Zag

And here are some more zig zag dresses!

Red Zig Zag Ethnic Pattern Halter Strap Summer Collation Maxi Dress

Red Zig Zag Ethnic Pattern Halter Strap Summer Collation Maxi Dress

TRINA TURK Newton Zig Zag Stripe Dress

Trina Turk Newton Zig Zag Stripe Dress


Floral Strapless Blue Summer Dress

Floral blue dress

strapless dress, summer dress

I bought this floral strapless dress a while ago, but I wear it every summer over and over again. It’s one of those timeless pieces that never goes out of style. Plus, it’s perfect for hot summer days as it’s strapless and the color is one of my favorite things about this dress.


strapless dress, summer dress, sandals

I paired this dress with brown flat Coach sandals to make this look casual and comfortable. Mission accomplished!


 watch, bracelets


Accessories on my left hand: my favorite Michael Kors watch and a bead bracelet – one of my older pieces.


photo 3

And my right hand: two gold bracelets I wear pretty much with every outfit – they add some sparkle and sophistication!

Dress – Forever 21

Sandals – Coach

Watch – Michael Kors

Gold Bracelets – Michael Kors

Bead Bracelet – Macy’s

Orange and Blue Striped Dress



This dress is one of my favorite dresses for summer. One, because I love stripes, two, because the colors are bright and three, it’s made of a light fabric, so it’s very cool on a hot day. The neckline is very pretty too and the buttons are cute embellishments to this seemingly simple dress. Seemingly, because there is a lot of going on with the stripes running in diverging directors, as well as the other things I mentioned above.



I paired this dress with beige sandals and bag. (Details below)




I have a perfect bracelet to wear with this dress as well. It’s also peach in color and is as chic as the dress itself, in my opinion.





As you can see in these pictures, I’m wearing different sandals. These are actually flat ones, but it shows how versatile this dress can be. You can either wear it with more fancy sandals that would give you a showy, more sophisticated type of look (perfect for a party), or pair it with a casual pair of sandals to go shopping, for example.

Dress – Mimi Chica (Von Maur)

Beige Sandals – Nine West

Casual Sandals – Colin Stuart

Purse – Coach

Bracelet – Monet