Tweed Coat – Red And Black Fall/Winter Outfit Idea

Vance Joy – Lay It On Me



In love with my new coat! It’s made of tweed so it is very warm, which is perfect for cold days! I absolutely love its black collar and the long sleeve detail which makes the coat so trendy, sophisticated and cool. It’s a little bit oversized on me, but with the heavy sweater underneath, it works out just fine. Totally recommend it!

I paired it up with my tweed skirt, similar to the color of the coat, just a bit lighter. I also linked the sweater I wore underneath, even though I don’t show it in the pictures. I chose red for tights and the bag over the black to make the outfit pop more and for the overall fun look. 

Also, I wear this pair of boots everywhere. They are so comfortable and really the best buy! They also come in brown if you prefer.








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