White Padded Coat And Mint Turtleneck Sweater

The Cranberries – Dreams



This white padded jacket is like no other. With its straight silhouette and the innovative frill sleeves, it’s pretty fashion forward. I love how long it goes at the back and that little front opening is really nice too, gives this jacket a different and unique shape. It’s very warm too and I simply can’t wait to wear it in the city.

Now onto this beautiful mint turtleneck sweater. Remember my red sweater from one of the previous posts, that’s exactly what this sweater reminds me off. They are very similar and both are extremely warm. I’m in love with this sweater’s mint color which is a rather rare color for a sweater. It gives me some spring vibes even though it’s a winter sweater. Oh, and I can’t tell you enough how soft this thing is. I’m very pleased with it.





Boots – from Europe


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