Yellow Tank Top and Striped Black and White Skirt


Yellow tank top and black and white skirt


Yellow tank top and black and white skirt

I didn’t want to wear just a simple striped black and white skirt today, so I chose this beautiful yellow tank top that is not simple at all. Not only is it a really pretty tone of yellow, but its embroidery is absolutely stunning. Here is a better view of the tank top:


International Concepts

Little crinkled straps of fabric that form something that resembles little flowers. All in all, it looks really lovely and made this seemingly simple tank top to stand out.


Black and White skirt

These sandals are my go to shoes this summer, as they pretty much go with everything I put on and are very comfortable.


Yellow tank top and black and white skirt

These gold bracelets go beautifully with the yellow tank top. They also accentuate your summer glow and make you look very classy!

Tank top – International Concepts (Macy’s)

Skirt – Loft

Sandals – Calvin Klein

Heart Bracelet – Michael Kors

Bracelet – Monet

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